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Procedures for Commissioning a Portrait

Consultation, Vision, Expectations
There is no charge for the initial consultation.  Working together, we will discuss the vision and expectations of the elements of the portrait.

These elements include:
Formal or informal pose and setting (background)
Size (frame not included)
Background, location, mood, and lighting
Clothing and Colors
Where the painting will be hung upon completion

With the decision to book the portrait, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. If there is a credit from a Charity Event, it will be applied to the ending balance. The balance is to be paid on delivery.

The artist will travel to your location of choice – home or office to discuss your expectations for no fee within a 60 mile radius of Bastrop, Texas. Any travel requested beyond a 60 mile radius of Bastrop, Texas will require the client to pay for all Travel Expenses for the artist at the time of booking travel and/or hotel.

Contract Signing - Once we have agreed on the portrait elements, in order to book the artist’s time to paint the portrait, a contract will be signed to define the scope of the work and approximate date to be completed. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total portrait cost is due at this time.

Model’s Release and the Painting of the Portrait
A Model’s Release will also be signed to allow the work to be used on the artist’s website and other media deemed appropriate by the artist for promoting the work.  The complexity of the Portrait determines the amount of time needed for completion.  A small portrait with head and shoulders and no detail in the background will take approximately two to four months.  A larger portrait with a detailed background may take up to 12 months.

Every effort will be made to keep deadlines; however, the primary goal is to create an exceptional portrait - therefore, additional time may be required to obtain that goal. 

Photo Session
The photo session can be done at the time of the contract signing or scheduled for a later time if necessary.  Multiple photos will be taken and reference photos will be chosen.

Approval and Delivery
Once the portrait is finished, a digital photo of the piece will be emailed to you for approval.  A date/time will be scheduled for delivery of the portrait.

Framing the portrait is extremely important for two reasons.  One is for the protection of the portrait itself.  The second is to heighten the esthetics of the portrait.  The framing costs are not included in the portrait price.

Portrait Unveiling Event
Nothing is more exciting than to share a precious moment of our lives with friends, family, and business associates.  A Portrait Unveiling is an exciting way to engage others in your life and share your story.  The event can be a simple wine and cheese reception in your home where friends have an opportunity to see the portrait unveiled and to meet the artist or a media opportunity to unveil the portrait with current and future clients in attendance.  This can be a great time for promoting your business.  The artist will make every effort to attend this event at your request.


Please contact the artist for a quote.  Pricing does not include framing, shipping, taxes, or artist's travel expenses.


I want you to be totally satisfied with the completed portrait.  If for some reason you are not satisfied, the portrait will be surrendered to the artist or her representative.  No refund will be given for the deposit amount of 50%, nor travel and shipping expenses required in the production of the portrait.  Any amount paid to the artist over the 50% deposit will be refunded.  The Model’s Release signed with the Contract allows the artist to use the portrait as a sample and in the artist’s portfolio as well as any other media the artist so desires for the promotion of her business.